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Indigenous & Hawaiian

Hawaiian Culture

Our practice is located on the beautiful and culturally rich island of Maui and O'ahu, Hawaii but our intention to share healing is global. If you are visiting the islands and desire to learn more about the intricate plant and 'āina-based teachings we encourage you to explore cultural-based programs led by Hawaiian cultural leaders. If you are our kamaʻāina ready to expand your knowledge of cultural healing practices, we recommend exploring some of our guest workshops and events and follow Ka'ehu organization. We also recommend expanding your emotional intelligence through exploring ferns with our beloved friend and Hawaiian cultural teacher, Ke’oni Hanalei’s in his podcast which teaches about the history and benefits of Hawaiian Fern Medicine. We also invite you to explore Indigenous Wisdom with Chief Lee's book on 7 Lakota values. Most of all we invite you to connect to the Aloha spirit which draws each of us home to our essence.

Personal Development

Personal Development

Our personal development page has a little something for everyone and features titles on Anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, Self Defense, and living authentically. Whether you are taking the first step to self improvement and reflection or are on a journey of expanding your horizons there may be a book, podcast, or movie here that speaks to you. If you aren’t sure where to start, we recommend the Untethered Soul, No Mud No Lotus, and/or Full Catastrophe Living which all have been bestsellers and sold more than a million copies. When it comes to personal development, the journey is an endless discovery. We welcome you to start exploring with some of our team’s favorites.

"Healer's Voices" by Jessica Brazil

"Healer's Voices" podcast brings you the healing heartbeats of Maui and the world. Together, we explore the inspiring stories of individuals who are making a profound impact on both local and global levels. From the powerful healing island of Maui, we're here to amplify the voices of healers, visionaries, and change-makers.
Our intention is to raise awareness and encourage leaders and influencers to embrace these vital discussions and translate them into policies, systems, and practices that foster healing for our planet and all its inhabitants. We believe in the transformative power of dialogue about our world's most pressing challenges to chart a future where all life thrives, living in harmony with the natural world and embodying the spirit of aloha. Join us in this sacred space in the healing heart beat of Maui as we move towards a healthier, more harmonious existence. To Live Well. To Live Aloha

Panel Discussion | Health 2.0 Conference | USA Summer Edition 2023

Dr. Nusha Nouhi, Clinical Psychologist at Marina Health Of California; Prof. Dr. med. Charles Senessie, Associate Professor & Medical Doctor at Afro-European Medical And Research Network (AEMRN); Christine M. Colburn, Owner & Licensed Professional Counselor at Beacon of HopeCounseling Services, LLC; Jessica Brazil, Founder & CEO of Mindful Living Group; and Dr. Rebecca Johnson Osei, CEO & Licensed Psychologist at Concierge Psychology, share their opinions and ideas on the topic, "Beyond Self-Care: How Community Care Fuels Our Growth & Resilience" in this panel discussion at the Health 2.0 Conference's Summer Edition held at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, USA on July 10-12, 2023.