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Jessica seeks to inspire and encourage everyone to find a moment of mindfulness in their lives daily.

Handmade Italian Handpans

Handmade Italian Handpans

Our soul is constantly searching for something that can satisfy it, so it always needs to create something new. Woodpan was born with this particular purpose: reach a new frequency… Nature’s frequency, our heart’s frequency.

We are now selling handpans exclusively in Hawaii. Each handpan is custom made in Italy!

No Insurance?

No Insurance?

Consider Applying for Medicaid.

Podcast "Healer's Voices"

"Healer's Voices" podcast brings you the healing heartbeats of Maui and the world. Together, we explore the inspiring stories of individuals who are making a profound impact on both local and global levels. From the powerful healing island of Maui, we're here to amplify the voices of healers, visionaries, and change-makers.
Our intention is to raise awareness and encourage leaders and influencers to embrace these vital discussions and translate them into policies, systems, and practices that foster healing for our planet and all its inhabitants. We believe in the transformative power of dialogue about our world's most pressing challenges to chart a future where all life thrives, living in harmony with the natural world and embodying the spirit of aloha. Join us in this sacred space in the healing heart beat of Maui as we move towards a healthier, more harmonious existence. To Live Well. To Live Aloha

Are you stressed, depressed, or experiencing difficult times?

We have an entire team of talented therapists available to offer telehealth therapy in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Enhance your immune system and mental health by mastering your experiences with the stress response amid these challenging times.

Simple and HIPAA secure Platform


Medication Management Consent and Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information

Informed Consent & “No Secrets” Policy
for Family and Couples Therapy

Child & Adolescent Integrated Intake Assessment Form

Controlled Substance Use Agreement

ADULT Integrated Intake Assessment Form

Patient Bill of Rights, HIPAA, Financial Agreement

Informed Consent for Services & Telehealth

Provider Rate Sheet 2024

  • Provider Specialty

    Insurances Accepted (Varies by Provider)

    Standard Rates

    Couples/Family Rates

    Hardship Rates

  • Nurse Practitioner (Psychiatric & Family Nurse
    Practitioner, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC)

    AlohaCare, Ohana/Wellcare, HMA, HMAA,
    HMSA/BCBS, Medicare, UHA, UHC, AARP, VA,

    $375 Evaluation / $175-$225Treatment

    $325 Evaluation / $175-$225

    $225 Evaluation / $125 Treatment

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychlogist
    (LCSW, PysD)

    AlohaCare, Ohana/Wellcare, HMA, HMAA,
    HMSA/BCBS, Medicare, UHA, UHC, AARP, VA,
    Tricare/Triwest, Kaiser

    $225 Evaluation / $190 Treatment

    $250 Evaluation/Treatment

    $150 Evaluation / $120 Treatment

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Licensed
    Marriage & Family Therapist (LMHC, LMFT)

    HMSA/BCBS, HMA, HMAA, AlohaCare,
    Ohana/Wellcare, Medicare (TBD 2024), UHA,
    UHC, VA, Tricare/Triwest

    $225 Evaluation / $190 Treatment

    $250 Evaluation/Treatment

    $150 Evaluation / $120 Treatment

Hardship rate is a sliding scale reduced rate and may be applied to clients/patients who are experiencing a major significant life circumstance having a significant impact on the client's need for and financial access to mental health, integrative, or complimentary care services. Such circumstances may include or be related to reduced or loss of household income, natural disaster and lack of access to resources in relief funds, divorce/domestic violence and impact to financial access to resources, reduced/loss of employment and lack of coverage by medquest, limited health coverage under current plan and/or clear inability to pay standard rates, complex medical expenses significantly impacting household budget, etc. and lack of grant/non-profit funding access to gain assistance for covered services. This fee structures may be reassessed annually and/or based on major circumstances to the community such as COVID, a natural disaster, inflation, business practices, and provider preference updates. Hardship must be verified to billing department by treating provider.