Maui Mental Wellness Bridge Initiative


Donate now to support the community in receiving needed mental health and complimentary care services on Maui.

The Problem:

Post-COVID and the Maui Wildfires have exacerbated an already severe shortage of healthcare services. Maui County has experienced the most significant shortage compared to other islands, as highlighted by Civil Beat. Since 2022, Maui has seen an alarming rate of healthcare business closures and the departure of quality providers. This situation began when insurance companies paid 50% below the rates of many other states with comparable rural and cost-of-living challenges. The situation has been further compounded by post-COVID and post-disaster inflation and funding access issues. The Maui fires have resulted in such massive inflation that most healthcare providers and small businesses cannot generate or earn a livable wage. Small businesses like MLG have been largely ineligible for grants and competitive funding, and what has been offered so far has fallen short of covering the losses incurred by the team's volunteering efforts during emergency relief.

The Solution:

Your donations will ensure that practices like MLG remain intact as a critical safety net for the community and can continue to focus on patient care rather than the high administrative costs associated with non-profit infrastructure. We are committed to allocating 70% of your donations directly to patient care.

We are deeply grateful for your support. Mahalo nui loa.