Hawaiian Fern Medicine (Pohala)

Ferns are extent species that exist in evolutionary stasis, meaning they have remained unchanged, even at the level on nuclei and chromosome. Fossils of the oldest known preserved ferns, dating back to the Mesozoic era, show that the compound and structure of those ferns are precisely exact to the modern fern growing in your backyard. why the species did not need to adapt to such massive planetary changes such as continental shifts, ice ages, floods, and fire. According to the ancient Hawaiians, the Fern has a preserved biosphere, which encompasses the surrounding area of the plant, extending less than an inch from its body. This biosphere is unlike anything on this planet, and cannot be explained by any scientific or biological terminology. It can roughly be described as a totally separate world from our reality where its atmosphere is alien. It was believed the spores were the main contributor to this force field, feeding and sustaining its metaphysical state. Because of this, fern spores are the most ancient, pure, and unfiltered structure on this planet and who carry the uncontaminated codes of the primordial, the source of all intelligence, and Source (God) itself.

There are over 100 native Hawaiian ferns spanning a diverse array of geographical, biological, and topographical categories. Each individual fern vibrates to a specific principle of emotional intelligence. Mindful Living Group has been gifted the ability to share this ancient wisdom through tinctures, mists and topical oils as they become available to us according to the Hawaiian practitioner of this ancient wisdom.

Some examples of fern medicine tinctures often found available are related to the fern of Acceptance, Illumination, Rest, Ruin, Preservation, Wonder, and Glee.

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