Chakra Eye Pillows

Made out of 100% silk, chakra eye pillows are filled with a collection of herbs, spices, and/or essential oils to activate and balance your energy and aid in aromatherapy relaxation. Our chakra eye pillows come in seven different colors to reflect the seven chakras. All eye pillows can be heated or cooled and are made with aloha. Hand washable. Comes with a care card and box.

  • Red for root chakra (cinnamon and cloves)
  • Yellow for sacral chakra (cardamom and fennel)
  • Green for heart chakra (lavender and camomile)
  • Blue for throat chakra (eucalyptus and orange)
  • Indigo for third eye chakra(frankincense and myrrh)
  • Violet for crown chakra (peppermint and spearmint)
  • White for aura chakra (rosemary and sage)

Eye pillows $25

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