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Are you seeking psychiatric services? Living with a mental illness can feel utterly miserable and can leave one feeling isolated and helpless – but it does not have to. Let us guide you through your journey of recovery and re-establishment of inner peace. Our goal is to work closely and collaboratively with our clients, combining a firm grounding in psychiatric medical care with their own unique strengths and values, in order to assure they can conquer the challenges they face and live fulfilling and balanced lifestyles.

Here at Mindful Living Group we strive to improve your well-being by facilitating personal growth and mental wellness through various means of treatment. When assessing our clients we take into account a multitude of factors to unravel the intricate relationship between emotional and behavioral wellbeing and create individualized evaluations and treatment plans. We also offer telepsychiatry for clients who prefer remote guidance, as well as medication management services. Our providers ensure that clients are receiving the most appropriate therapeutic methods in the context of any prescription medications that they may be taking  and can also work with clients to construct optimal short or long term medication treatment plans.

Our psychiatric nurse practitioners are much like psychiatrists with specialized education and credentialing in providing both medical and supportive services that meet the needs of their specific clients. They are certified professionals with experience in diagnosing, treating  or preventing the return of mental, emotional and behavioral issues.

Our practice assists adults and minors with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, depression, ADHD, PTSD,  and many other psychiatric illnesses. This is done by means of personalized treatment plans, which can include psychotherapy, medications and/or psychosocial interventions.

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