Join our Team of Mental Health Providers at Mindful Living Group

Mindful Living Group is looking for part time and/or full-time psychotherapists to join our group practice. We offer a unique perspective to our therapy practice with compassion and acceptance focused approach to wellness. We believe having a daily mindfulness (present-moment awareness) focus and practice allows us to be more present with those we serve and provide harmony, peace, and purposeful living.

Our intention is to be a community and a resource that promotes sustainable holistic health. To a life of living well and living in the spirit of aloha.

If you are looking for a supportive, warm, peaceful place to work, steady stream of referrals with a strong marketing strategy, please contact us.

We are continually open to grow our group practice with other mental health professionals who are strong in self-initiative and collaborative with a strong interest in any Mindfulness and spiritually-based present moment practices and therapeutic modalities as a tool for Therapy and/or Philosophy who wants to join our talented and dynamic group practice.

Candidate will be a part time or full time contractor. Responsibilities include completion of a diagnostic interview, treatment planning, completion of progress notes, scheduling follow up treatments, and documenting in our Practice Management Software, attending 3 team meetings per month, availability of a minimum of 16 hours per week of availability. Willingness and ability to treat individuals, couples, and families.