Handmade Handpans

Our soul is constantly searching for something that can satisfy it, so it always needs to create something new. Woodpan was born with this particular purpose: reach a new frequency… Nature’s frequency, our heart’s frequency. We are now selling handpans exclusively in Hawaii. Each handpan is custom made in Italy!

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    Standard Series

    The metal sheet is thinner than the Woodpan. Balanced timbre, exceptional tuning stability, sensitivity and strength note, rust resistance.

    If you are a beginner, this choice is the BEST quality for the BEST price!


    • 8 notes $1,700
    • 9 notes $1,900
    • 10 notes $2,100
    • 11 notes $2,300
    • 12 notes $2,500

    Woodpan Series

    For the first time we have specially treated our metal, in order to allow it to use the temperature range to give more stability and power to the sound. We have added also the warmth and the softness that only 50-year-aged wood can give, thanks to the help of the best luthiers in Europe. A special wax made of Mexican insect is being applied on the wood.

    This was also done in the creation process of music instruments by artisans in the Middle Ages!


    • 9 notes (Central Ding + 8 notes): $3,200