The Power of Healing Touch

The Power of Healing Touch

Everything in the universe exists in various forms of energy, and the human body is no exception. Moreover, these energy systems continuously interface and influence each other. This interdependence includes the effects of energy from other things and people; even your own energy field affects itself. The continual influence is evident in an individual’s physical, psychological, and spiritual health. When there is an imbalance or obstruction in the biofield, the body is not at its total capacity to heal itself. If attention is not given to the imbalance, it can manifest as a physical or psychological illness. Healing Touch is a heart-centered biofield therapy that aims to restore, harmonize, and energize a person’s biofield. A trained practitioner, often a nurse, performs this by placing their hands near the patient’s body to assess and realign energy.

The benefits of Healing Touch are accessible to everyone, including infants and the elderly, and can be practiced in various settings. Shirley Ramey, LPN, is part of the Mindful Living Group ohana and has been a practicing nurse for over 20 years. Her experience working with people as a nurse and Healing Touch provider has given her profound knowledge and insight into human biology and energy. As a Healing Touch provider, she incorporates a heart-centered approach to assist everyone in their journey towards better health. 

Human Energy Systems and Healing Touch

Our energy systems (or biofields) play a vital role in our overall health and wellness. When the body is provided the necessary care and support, we can adapt to and sustain harmony in the presence of positive and negative energies. By the same token, if we neglect our health, prolonged exposure to negative energy, or obstruction in our biofield, creates an imbalance and has the potential to result in a low mood, aches, pain, illnesses, and disease. Essentially, hindered energy systems impact the body’s innate healing. In these circumstances, Healing Touch, or other energy healing practices, are considered by many to be the go-to modality to regain health. 

The human biofield comprises three primary elements: the energy fields (auras), chakras, and meridians. There are over 100 chakras; however, the seven major chakras that run along the spine and top of the head are the primary focus of Healing Touch. Chakras are energy centers that regulate and direct the flow of our life-force energy. Each chakra is linked to specific organs, functions, glands, and a particular aura extending from and within the physical body. The first seven auric layers or bodies are typically where a Healing Touch practitioner directs attention, although there are more.  

A trained practitioner utilizes their hands near the patient’s body to interact with the electromagnetic energy fields that permeate and surround the physical body. The focus is on clearing blockages in the energy fields and chakras (energy centers throughout the body) that hinder energy flow, restoring balance and harmony. These efforts provide a supportive environment for the body to act on its innate self-healing.

What to Expect

At the start of each session, the practitioner will utilize a method(s) such as mindfulness practice, mediation, or balance their chakras so they may enter a heart-centered, grounded, and calm state. They must tap into their heart center (or heart chakra) and allow healing to stem from this place. The heart chakra is the source of our ability to love unconditionally, emanate compassion and harmony, and create a safe place for healing. By centering and grounding themself, a practitioner can focus their intention strictly on the patient. They release thoughts about what’s happening in their personal lives, the world, or even the room next door. Heightened awareness and sensitivity to the patient’s energy fields are created. 

“All energy follows thought” is an ancient proverb meaning that the focus of our thoughts directs the energy. From the heart center, a practitioner is in a state of enhanced mindfulness – increased compassion and love, there are no judgments, and they are in a place of acceptance, experiencing the moment for what it is, and peaceful. They can develop a deep connection with the patient and are aware of changes in their subtle energy bodies. 

The Healing Touch Process

  • You and your practitioner discuss your condition and symptoms. Together you can discuss what goals you have for the session, as well as expectations and questions. 
  • Centering: at this point, the practitioner begins centering themselves. 
  • After they are in the appropriate state of mind, they begin attuning to the patient. This consists of setting their intentions of providing you with the highest good. 
  • Healing Touch Treatment follows. At this time, the practitioner may begin their initial scan/assessment of your energy field by moving their hands over your body, taking note of any sensations and imbalances they pick up on. After the evaluation, feelings may range from temperature changes, tingling, pressure, heaviness, etc. The practitioner utilizes techniques appropriate for your needs; this may take anywhere from 10-40 minutes on average, followed by a second assessment to note any changes. 
  • At the end of your session, your practitioner may guide you in a grounding exercise.
  • To conclude is an evaluation of your current state, how you feel, and any feedback you may have. You and the practitioner can discuss any changes to your treatment plan that may need to be made and when you should return for another session. 

Who and What Healing Touch Helps

Healing Touch is non-invasive and versatile. Versatility allows it to be used in conjunction with other treatments, including Western medicine, or it can be used alone. The modality has been used in many settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, hospice facilities, psychiatric practices, private practices, and more. 

A unique aspect of Healing Touch is that the patient and practitioner benefit. The energetic relationship between both parties encourages well-being, a more profound sense of self, and connectedness – a vital component of psychological health. In a clinical setting, HT is often used for promoting relaxation in patients before and after surgical procedures or physically taxing events like childbirth. Stimulating wound healing and quicker recoveries is a significant benefit, too. 

Individuals with cancer undergoing chemotherapy and radiation can experience severe physical and mental side effects. The use of Healing Touch to assist in reducing these side effects has been shown to help significantly. Furthermore, other benefits include improving sleep and enhancing the immune system. 

Healing Touch at Mindful Living Group

Healing comes from within. Despite the innate ability to self-heal, the body can only do so much independently. We must be actively aware of what our body tells us and how we care for it. Optimal levels of health depend on the balance and harmony between our mind, body, and spirit, all of which are energy. Healing Touch is one of many energy healing modalities.

If you are interested in what Healing Touch can do to improve your health, contact Mindful Living Group and schedule an appointment with their Healing Touch practitioner Shirley Ramey.