Finding the Passion in Compassion

Finding the Passion in Compassion

Passion is a driving force in our daily lives. Compassion is an extension of our passions.

Compassion motivates people to go out of their way to help physical, spiritual, or emotional hurts or pains of another. It is often regarded as having an emotional aspect to it, though when based on cognizant notions such as fairness, justice and interdependence, it may be considered more rational in nature and rather understood as an action based on sound, discerning judgment.

Make a Connection

What are you passionate about? Is it easier to be compassionate towards those who share your passions?  Try pausing during something that gets that fire stored up in your heart.  Look up.  Hold eye contact just a little longer.  Make a connection that says I care.  You may just might find that simple action of presence was the greatest gift of compassion you could give.

Every Day You Can Practice Mindfulness

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