Resources | Relationships & Parenting

Our lives are made up of a network of relationships that surround and impact our day to day experiences and happiness. This network can be made up of friends, romantic partners, spouses, coworkers, children, siblings, parents, hanai, or even the people that share in community spaces. Strengthening these relationships can be a useful tool in developing personal goals, alleviating harmful habits or patterns, and improving one’s overall outlook and mood. Our relationships and parenting resource page is rich with books, personal narratives, workbooks, articles and advice from seasoned experts in the field. For parenting resources we have therapist recommended books targeted at raising children and teenagers, as well as theory in parenting styles and disciplinary methods. You may also choose to incorporate mindfulness into your parenting with affirmation cards to pull with your entire family. For resources on understanding, improving, or moving on from romantic relationships explore our book topics in infidelity, dating, commitment, codependency, recovery from abuse, and love languages. Whatever stage you are experiencing in the relationship journey, our team has chosen some of our favorites for you to choose from for continued support. Please remember that individualized treatment can never be replaced with self-help alone but it certainly enhances one’s education and understanding paired with the wisdom of trained professionals. We welcome you to explore one of our resources that speaks to you.



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