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The Many Benefits of Acupuncture

The ancient Chinese medical philosophy of acupuncture is the practice of strategically inserting fine needles into the skin at various points of meridians to balance a person’s Qi and restore their health and wellbeing. Acupuncture is only one piece of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), but it has proven to be effective and made its way […]

Depression: Therapies

In 2020, over 264 million people, globally, had been diagnosed with a depressive disorder, the leading cause of disabilities. In the United States alone, 17.3 million adults have experienced at least one major depressive episode or been diagnosed with an illness. These numbers are staggering. The question remains: what can be done? The answer, a […]

Depression: Treatment

Depression is often misunderstood for feelings of sadness. However, it is much deeper and harrowing. Depressive disorders are commonly characterized by negative emotions ranging from unhappiness to severe sadness that affects daily life. Sleeping habits are often disturbed in addition to a change in eating routines and withdrawal from social activity. Someone needs to seek […]

Understanding Brainspotting and Brainspotting Therapy

Trauma, a single or series of distressing events, is capable of overwhelming the brain resulting in experiences or fragments of an experience to remain unprocessed in the brain and body. The effects of a traumatic event do not discriminate, affecting everyone from infants to the elderly. Until recently, effectively treating people with trauma was commonly […]

Connection: The Anecdote to Addiction and Depression

As addiction and depression rates continually surpass record numbers year after year, experts in the field, and concerned loved ones, have begun to question the treatment methods and theories around the diseases. There is hardly any question that the current solution of punishment, whether it’s imprisonment, isolation, financial burdens, or lingering ultimatums, is not the […]

Resources | Hawaiian Culture

Our practice is located on the beautiful, lush, and culturally rich island of Maui, Hawaii. If you are visiting and wanting to learn more about the intricate and deluxe plant life, or kamaʻāina ready to enrich your knowledge of history, cultural practices, and landscapes, we recommend Medicine at Your Feet, written by our acupuncturist and […]

Resources | Personal Development

Our personal development page has a little something for everyone and features titles on Anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, Self Defense, and living authentically. Whether you are taking the first step to self improvement and reflection or are on a journey of expanding your horizons there may be a book, podcast, or movie here that speaks to […]

Addiction: The Disease of Disconnection

For several decades, the majority subscribed to the theory that addictive substances were the cause of addictions or an incurable disease, and sobriety was only possible through means of punishment and isolation.  In recent years, views and theories have shifted to view addiction as a disease of disconnection. Humans are social and possess an innate […]

Resources | Relationships & Parenting

Our lives are made up of a network of relationships that surround and impact our day to day experiences and happiness. This network can be made up of friends, romantic partners, spouses, coworkers, children, siblings, parents, hanai, or even the people that share in community spaces. Strengthening these relationships can be a useful tool in […]