Areas of Specialization
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal medicine
  • Massage
  • Food medicine
  • Martial arts
Accepted Insurances
  • Tivity/WholeHealthPro
  • Humana

David Bruce Leonard, LAc

Acupuncturist & Medical Herbalist

Tel: 808-206-9371

Email: David

David is the founder of the Earth Medicine Institute and practitioner and teacher of all five branches of traditional Chinese medicine: Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Massage, Food medicine, Martial arts.

David has studied traditional medicines with healers in Asia, North and South America, and Hawai’i. With a Master’s Degree in traditional Chinese medicine, he has a working knowledge of more than 400 traditional Hawaiian, Chinese, and Western plants. A deep ecologist and Hawaiian plant specialist, he has been a student of Hawaiian medicine under Kahu Kawika Ka’alakea, Kaipo Kaneakua and Na Kupuna ‘O Hawai’i since 1992.

Author of “Medicine at Your Feet: Healing Plants of the Hawaiian Kingdom” and “Wild Wisdom: Listening to Heart of Nature”, David is an expert on the medicinal plants of the tropics. He studies, lectures and teaches on cross-cultural uses of plant medicines, environmental concerns, traditional plant gathering practices, and pragmatic approaches to health care. He is known for his off-beat sense of humor. He is often seen in Hawaiian rain forests wearing his favorite trash bag as a raincoat.

David is offering a special of $88 for acupuncture sessions. Each session will include bodywork and a free herbal consultation.