Experiencing Fear Mindfully

Experiencing Fear Mindfully

Spring is the season of renewal, birth, and rebirth. This season, COVID-19 has taken us into a rare spring fever and into hibernation as we cocoon in solitude and implement social distancing in a way we have not yet experienced in modern history. This past year, the earth’s lungs were harshly affected by massive fires destroying many forests throughout the world. Now, we are struggling with a virus that has the power to attack our human lungs.

As fear spreads like a wildfire, perhaps you have noticed resistance surface. Most of us have been impacted by the fear that ourselves or a loved one’s life could be taken by the shocking tidal wave of disease that has been infecting humanity globally. Others are gripping with financial stress as bills stack up without the usual income on the horizon.

As we experience fear, it is important to remember that fear is not our enemy. Fear is a powerful messenger. It is especially important for saving our lives in times of survival. Are we in one of those moments? If so, how can we engage with fear mindfully?

First of all, fear is not an adversary. It can be a powerful helper. Instead of running from, ignoring, or trying to overpower fear, consider taking time to investigate and unearth the core message it is trying to share. Fear can reveal the truth. Allow fear to do its job – to send you an important message.

Fear often arises when we are resistant to change. Sometimes fear may be challenging us to grow into our potential, to stop going with someone else’s flow, or to reassess where trust has been placed. Rather than locking our doors or burying our heads under the covers, let us stop and be present with our fears. If your fear is hot, practice sitting long enough to see through the flames. If your fear is cold, sit long enough for the ice to melt.

Then, when there is nothing to do and nowhere to go, it is time to simply be. Period. Take a timeout. In a way that is not a punishment or experienced as painful. Reconnect with nature and dear loved ones. Generate self-love. Nurture your needs. Reassess lifestyle choices and contemplate earthly existence.

In this time of hibernation, let us take a moment to contemplate how to experience fear mindfully.

Mindfulness Tips

When it comes to fear, dedicate some time to contemplate the nature of fear or a particular fear that you have. Ask yourself, is it truly sickness and death that scares me? Or, is it having unfinished business or unresolved relationships? Is it financial collapse that generates terror or the loss of a dream? Notice what fear comes to mind? Record your insights. What message is masquerading as fear?

Second, face your fear. Identify the physicality of your fear. Name it. Externalize it. What color, density, sound, or shape does it have? Recognize that your fear may be a part of you but it is NOT all of you or who you really are. Set some manageable boundaries with your fear. Imagine what that might look like.

Third, give your fear a hug. Soak it in compassion. This fear has been doing its best to be your protector in some way. If you’ve outgrown one another, create a ritual to change the relationship or to let one another go all together.

Finally, reassess the path you are on. Notice where is it taking you. Invest some extra attention in your life purpose and in giving quality presence to acceptance of who you are. Notice the simple things and what you are grateful for in this moment.

During times of sickness, crisis, and fear extend greater love and compassion towards your fear. You do not have to experience it alone. Embrace social distance to support one another’s safety, but allow yourself to share a smile, say hello, and extend your heart to connect.

We are in this together. If you need support during this time, we invite you to explore working with one of our team members. We have a variety of skilled experts available to assist. Our meditation and support groups as well as individual sessions are available through a secure online platform. Contact us today. (808) 206-9371 or info@mindfullivinggroup.org.