As lifestyle consultants we offer services to improve our clients lives in areas such as relationships, style, organization, healthy eating and fitness.

Some of our providers are certified yoga instructors, and offer lifestyle consulting services.

Ditch The Diet For Life

It’s a simple program about Obtaining Your Optimum Body Weight Without Dieting, that will help you to nourish your body and release your struggle around food. You’ll become aware of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs so you can change your relationship with food. We also will look at the self-talk that accompanies eating and dieting and the food choices that are made. One of the goals is to become acquainted again with the natural physiological responses of the body that govern eating regulation.

Ditch the Diet is not about a quick fix, pills or powders. It is grounded in cutting edge psychology and is different from anything you may have tried before. There is nothing to purchase, and you will be eating whole normal foods. The program has 5 core components based on Lokahi, an ancient Hawaiian word that translates to balance and harmony.

Joanne King, MA, is a professional counselor, best-selling author, and yoga and meditation teacher, and has helped many people transform their lives.

The 10-Minute Mindful Moment Podcast

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Our Providers

Jessica Brazil

Founder, Psychotherapist & Yoga Instructor

Sandra Diaz


Joanne King


JoanneAnn Van Patten