Mindful Mama’s Circle

Calm ~ Connect ~ Compassion

Join Ann Van Patten, LMFT, and Kim West, MA, for a weekly support group.

Mama support circle is a space to slow down and be in the journey of motherhood in a new mindful way. Pausing to explore and be present in moment with ourselves so we may practice this skill with our children, reflecting on our goals for our journey and sharing wisdom amongst our group.

We will be reading “Gems of Delight” by Lisa McCrohan (Amazon Link), this wonderful resource is a tool to explore a slower more grounded and sacred path of motherhood. Members will engage in a guided mediation and discussion around the topic of the week. We will reflect on our own journey and what each reading has brought up for them. Members are encouraged to use guided journaling for deeper reflection between groups. Topics will include our intention for motherhood, sacred pauses, living with kindness and compassion and bringing more ease into your journey.

The space will be open for all topics and a safe space to share challenges, wins and hopes for the future. The support circle is for all mother’s, in whatever stage of motherhood journey they are in. Group will meet virtually every week and members. We will create a community of support, kindness and connection.


Jun 03, 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Insurance Billing for Existing clients, $20 Drop in

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