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Kale Ka’alekahi

Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner, Story Teller, Spiritual Activist

Tel: 808-206-9371

Email: Kale

As Kale has progressed, regressed, lived and died in many forms and aspects, his journey has continued to guide him towards a remembrance of Belonging. By way of many struggles and hardships, traveling and living in various countries, what cultivated within him is a passion to pursue rootedness in this living world, to be so absorbed with life and the inherent nature of our own being within all the unique habitats that we exist in. A key part to our being Human is that we are relational and in constant reciprocity, that we can only be as healthy, as meaningful, as ALIVE, as the World that we exist in.

Kale may find it difficult to describe himself in ways that most people would find suitable, because as people we take many forms depending on the environments we find ourselves in, but let’s say a few that the modern societal person can relate to. a cultural practitioner, spiritual activist, poet, storyteller, writer, musician, dancer and philosopher. We could put all those together in different orders and see what we come up with! Remembering where we’ve come from, to how we got here, and where they are guiding us, can be revealed through humbleness and reverence, the art of listening and the prayer walk.

Kale has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pre-Health Food Science and Human Nutrition.